Wednesday, August 17, 2011

...this one time, at [not band camp]...

II am not a baker.  All that measuring, and perfecting -- well, that just ain't me!  But, gimme a few ingredients and tell me I have to cook something with them; that I can do
I started creating meal plans, oh...a week ago.  And have found that because Chuck thought it was ok for him to go grocery shopping because of certain factors, I was unable to stick to my shopping list, and am was ever so slightly scared that I would not be able to adhere to my meal plan for this week.  (Or next...or the one after that...and that...and -- you get it!)

Well, gee, lookey here; I cooked up some stuffed peppers.  And just like my meal plan said I should.  I'll be; gimme a damn cookie!

They aren't pretty.  But, damn! are they delish!  I'll try to post the recipe -- if I can remember what I did -- later today!

Ohhhhhh. By. the. way.  Can I just say?  Grapes.  Grapes, grapes, grapes.

Ya know how Monica likes watermelon?  Yeah.  We should double date.

How about you: are you a better baker or cook?  Do you prefer one over the other?

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