Monday, August 8, 2011

Move It Monday's where it's at...

I have one brief confession before I begin...

I am so going to a buffet tonight.  And I am so going to stuff my fat little face with yummy food.  What?  Yeah, I know this totally goes against the plan.  Psssshhhh, yeah, ok, I'll try to eat only foods that are ok'ed for my diet.  What?  What? It's my birthday Wednesday, let me live a little!  Geesh!

Ok, here's another confession: something is wrong with my camera.  It's being...bad.  (Because that's the only nice, appropriate adjective I can think of...)  Or maybe it's the computer I'm working on...  This thing doesn't have an SD slot, so I'm stuck hooking her up via USB.  So, I've hooked up the camera, right?  Then I turn the power on.  Ok.  The camera/computer makes a noise that some new hardware is connected... then a menu is supposed to pop up so I can pull pictures from the camera.  Where is my pop-up?!? Oh, sure, it appears after I turn the camera off.  And, then if I go into My Computer and try to get pictures that way, it just tells me the camera is in use.


So, anyhow, this ruins the post I had planned.  I was gonna introduce you to the FABULOUS Mayan Chicken Harvest Rice Bowl from Au Bon Pain.  Say it with me: OH.  MY.  GOSH... this was good.  Maybe tomorrow?

Well, so on to the introductions.  Today is the first ever Move It Monday.  This is where I post, for all to see, my workout plan for the coming week.  This week is really slow and easy.  Please don't judge?  I haven't been very active lately, and I'm really just a novice, basically, I look pathetic.  Ok?

Sunday - Sunday stunk.  I felt pretty bad all day (headache, dizzy, really tired) so I stayed in bed all day.  And ate just about all the leftovers in my house.  Including cake, half a chicken parmesan sub, and broccoli, mac & cheese.  Not my proudest moments.

Monday -  Since I'm going out to eat tonight I'm gonna switch it up this week.  So technically today is my Trashy Tuesday, when I get to eat what I want, without exercise, and not feel guilty about it.  (but we all know I will anyways, so...yeah.)

Tuesday -  Jog/Walk 10/2/10 (that's 10 minute jog, 2 minute walk, 10 minute jog)

Wednesday - 10/2/10, 2x25situps, 2x10pushups

Thursday - 10/2/10, Nancy Marmot ab video

Friday -  Break day, 2x25situps, 2x10pushups

Saturday -  46 Minute Jog/Walk (10/2 minute intervals)

What do you think?  I was going to give myself a choice Saturday and possibly take a bike ride, but I'm going grocery shopping that day so that would be way too long.  (I don't currently drive, so I get to hoof it to the store.  Wait!  That's exercise, right?!)

Are any of your errands within walking distance?

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