Wednesday, August 17, 2011

...this one time, at [not band camp]...

II am not a baker.  All that measuring, and perfecting -- well, that just ain't me!  But, gimme a few ingredients and tell me I have to cook something with them; that I can do
I started creating meal plans, oh...a week ago.  And have found that because Chuck thought it was ok for him to go grocery shopping because of certain factors, I was unable to stick to my shopping list, and am was ever so slightly scared that I would not be able to adhere to my meal plan for this week.  (Or next...or the one after that...and that...and -- you get it!)

Well, gee, lookey here; I cooked up some stuffed peppers.  And just like my meal plan said I should.  I'll be; gimme a damn cookie!

They aren't pretty.  But, damn! are they delish!  I'll try to post the recipe -- if I can remember what I did -- later today!

Ohhhhhh. By. the. way.  Can I just say?  Grapes.  Grapes, grapes, grapes.

Ya know how Monica likes watermelon?  Yeah.  We should double date.

How about you: are you a better baker or cook?  Do you prefer one over the other?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lettuce Face!!

Heh, I've got lettuce hanging out of my mouth.  I admit, I am not a pretty, dainty little eater.  I'm generally kinda messy -- ask Chuck.

Well, I almost forgot to take a picture of this before devouring it.  Yummy salad with mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, and chicken patty.  No dressing.  Ever.  But evoo is ok, sometimes.

Shake it!  Shake it, real good!

See? That fork has food on it.

I had some ohmigosh juicy delicious grapes to go along with my lunch... but, alas, my camera refuses to cooperate!!  Please imagine me stamping my foot with my arms folded and forehead wrinkled.

Yum!  Lunch is goooooooooooooood!

For the horses...

I had some early fodder for a What Grinds My Gears Wednesday post...accept now I can't remember what I was bitching about earlier.  D'oh well.

Anyhoo, you may be wondering what happened to Move It Monday, yesterday.  To be honest, nothing.  I just didn't plan anything for this week.  I've got enough housework and laundry to do to fill all my free time (and act as my activity for this week) so Move It Monday will have to wait until next week.  Well...maybe.  o.O

I've pretty much gotten into my food groove for this week, so I'm not too bothered or worried about today's Trashy Tuesday.  I feel pretty confident I've got a handle on this.  I got 'dis!  Hopefully, the worst I do today is eat another Nutty Buddy.  Can I help it if those things are a d d i c t i v e ?

To start my day out today I've got some Liberte yogurt, and some knock off brand of veggie chips from my local Aldi.

Just kidding!  That's my Oikos from yesterday.  Just thought I'd share!
Mmmmm, black cherry... tasted. so. good.

I am loving this Mediterranean style yogurt.

But don't let those chips fool you!
You can't tell in that photo, but they're different colors.  Like, to make them look kinda like Terra Chips.  But they're not.  They're a lie.  I totally got duped on this one, thinking that if something is called a veggie chip, then it should be made out of vegetables.  Apparently, this company did not get the same memo as me, because it's potatoes made to look like veggies with some kinda coloring.

Are you good about reading the ingredients in an item before purchase, or are you sad, sorry, and pathetic like me and just pick up whatever only to be thoroughly disappointed when you get home?

Monday, August 15, 2011

And there will be rainbows...

This weekend was a total far as productivity goes, anyhow.

My [planned] schedule looked a little something like this:

7:30 - Wake up, make breakfast, get Chuck on the way to his Dad's to set up for party.
8:00/8:30 - Sneak in workout
8:30 - Kitchen, kitchen.  KITCHEN (it was a mess.  Bold, italicized, underlined.)
9:30 - 12:00 - Laundry and tidy rest of house
12:00 - 1:00 - Get ready for party (like showering my stinky ass)
1:00 - Leave for party, get there super early to bother honey while he's setting up.  Most likely get forced conned into helping.

9:30 - Wake up, make breakfast, eat said breakfast
10:00/10:30 - Send Chuck on his merry way to shoot guns with his dad
10:30 - Whenever - Clean, clean, clean.   Maybe watch some tv.

Aaaand here's what my weekend really looked like.

Hit snooze every 10 minutes between 7:30 and 10:00, when I finally gave up and turned the damn thing off.
Sleep until 12:00
Begin getting ready at 1:00 for the 2:00 party
Get to party 1.5 hours late.  Just in time to stuff face and have a nasty Twisted Tea.  (I do not like those, I discovered, so I will from now on stick with Mike's Hard Lemonade.  I knew I like lemonade better, anyhow.  Sweet tea sucks.  'Nuff said on this subject, I think.)
Stay at Chuck's Dad's house until late.  Go home.  Stay up even later.

Sleep until 12:00.  Again.
Get nothing done until Jeff shows up.  Go to grocery store and Walmart. 
Come home, find someone has stolen Chuck's beloved Moped. 
Start putting groceries away while Chuck and Jeff disappear looking for said moped.
Call cops when Chuck and Jeff come back and have found said moped.  Two courts away.  What dumbass steals anything and hides it Two. Courts. Away?
Cops come for no reason as Chuck should/could have just brought the moped home when he found it.
Decide it was a good thing the cops came, anyways, so Chuck and Jeff would not hurt anyone should they be confronted about said moped.
Laugh repeatedly as Chuck brings up the moped for the. rest. of. the. night.
Watch Sucker Punch.  Thinks its a strange movie, and feel slightly let down at the end. So, who's story was it?!?
Fall asleep at roughly 2:00-2:30 am.  (Yes, I know this was no longer Sunday)

4:30-5:45 - Completely sleep through alarm until I only have 30 minutes to get ready for work.  Fabulous!

Well, what can I say?  I got a verrrrrrrrrrryyy nice amount of sleep.

Friday, August 12, 2011

That's What I Like...

Hey, there!  Sorry for missing yesterday's post.  (I know, I know: I miss lots of posts...)  I had a few appointments to run yesterday - like picking up my new glasses - then went shopping with my mom and sister last night.

Our shopping trips - aka: to the grocery store - last hooooooouuuuuurrrrrrsssss.  For instance, yesterday we left my parents house at roughly 6:20, and we got home at 9:45.  Hours.

I begged asked my mom to stop by Whole Foods on our way and got to pick up some yogurt and hummus.  Ever tried LiberteOMG, love!  A little high on the calorie and fat-content, but, I have to admit: it was pretty much worth it.  I had the Mediterranee yogurt, but am dying to try their Greek version.  ...I just have to find a store that sells it, because even Whole Foods is a no-go.

So let's talk about why I'm really blogging today.  I just have to share this with you.  The beat is so damn addictive, and I just feel like... well, I'm no space cadet hippy Jesus I know know a good word for it! overly spiritual person, but I just feel like it feeds my soul.  Weird, right?

The song is New Villager by the Rich Doors, and you should so check it out.

Go ahead, let them draw you in, too!

Is there anything you're absolutely obsessed with, at the moment?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Monday...Recap

Oh, boy!  Was Monday fun.  At least the part where I got to stuff my face with a helluva buncha different foods.  We're buffet a lot so we went to the Golden Corral at Arundel Mills Mall for dinner.  I know, very redneck.  I can admit that, and I'm ok with it.  I'm also bipolar, so maybe, perhaps you see that I don't have so much shame.

Take this, for instance.  *In very damnlol fashion* 


Accept very pale and with not an ounce of Native American blood in me.  Not to worry; Chuck has somewhere near, like, 1/4 Native American blood.  So he makes up for it. 

And please do not pay any attention to the dorm-room decor in the background.  I let the hubs decorate.  Except the painting on the wall.  That choice was all me.  I'll have to remember to snap a photo of it for ya'. 

Yes, that lamp is missing its shade.  I know I need to get a new one.

Anyway...back to the buffet.  I pondered taking pictures, and asked Chuck if it would be weird, but eventually settled on just inhaling eating my food and not creeping out the other patrons. 

I do have pictures of that Au Bon Pain Mayan Chicken Harvest Rice Bowl I had me the other day!  Can we say nom nom nom?  (side note: it has it's side effects.  I became well-acquainted with the bathroom at dinner because this caught up with me........... tmi?)

That's white rice (because I'm ricist...har dee har har?) as I wasn't in the mood for brown rice, along with some chipotle-covered chicken breast, topped with mixed greens, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, and carrots.  I'm proud to say it took my fat rear end two days to finish this, and not just the customary 1.

So where were we? Ohhhh, right.  The buffet.  I ate everything!  Nah, just kidding.  I did have...three plates, though.  Don't judge me?  Not to worry, dahling, these were normal-sized dinner plates, not those ginormous ones that most people *ahem* seem to buy nowadays...

My first plate: I filled half that baby with some fresh baby spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower.  I also had a fried chicken thigh (because I'm a fat kid, people!), and grabbed two small pieces of breaded fish that I believe was cod, which I didn't finish because the breading tasted weird.  I think I'll stick with that ohohohmygosh breaded (and fried!) catfish from Whole Foods. 

Not too bad, if I do say so myself.  Hey, I did have two salads that day, if we're being technical.

My second plate: A slice of pizza.  Which sucked.  A buttery, homemade (let me pretend!) yeast roll, and some popcorn shrimp.  Now that I'm thinking about it, this was a rather small plate.  Apparently there wasn't much variety Monday.
My third plate: Pan seared (itty bitty) shrimp and steamed vegetables drizzled with scampi sauce.  They have a custom order steak and seafood bar that serves, well, steak, shrimp, tilapia, and scallops with the customary steak sauce, scampi sauce, lemon piccata, or spicy alfredo sauce.

For dessert I had some vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and a little bit of hot fudge.  I'm not a big fan of hot fudge.

I figure this was only entire day's worth of calories eaten in one sitting.  See maybe why I have weight issues?  Aaand maybe why I've gained so much weight the past year?  Nahh, it's not the buffet's fault; I could scarf down an entire buffet before I gained the weight.  My lame excuses are being stressed, over-worked, and wayyyyyy too happy and comfortable in my relationship.  I work way more than I did a year ago, so I don't have nearly any as much time as I used to.  And, like I said, you know the old saying about relationships (maybe?): once people've settled in a relationship they kinda start to let themselves go?  That saying is definitely something along those lines.  Maybe we've been having too much fun??  (or maybe I've just gotten really lazy?)

So after dinner we strolled through the mall, and I was unconstitutionally DENIED my right to spend 30-40 minutes in each store!  It was a travesty! 

Ok...I'm just kidding.

I did get these purdy pictures...

I love sunsets.

Are there any types of food - spicy, sweet, dairy-y - that have a weird affect on your body?  What one meal from any one restaurant (or homemade, I don't care) could you eat everday for the rest of your life?
Obviously some spicy foods 'go right through me'; and dairy has been giving me a slight stomach ache the past few weeks.  But I do eat a lot of ice cream so don't pay attention to me!

Meal?  Fo'geddaboudit!  I've always said I could survive on bread and cheese if I had to, and I totally stand by that claim.  As long as it isn't American/processed cheese, or blue or gorgonzola.  Because that's just nasty

Oh!  I don't like Swiss, either.  So no American/processed cheese, blue or gorgonzola cheese, or Swiss.  Got that?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let the Sun Shine...

Hello, lovelies!  I have a huge, HUGE, HUGE meeting today, so my recap of Trashy Tuesday Monday will have to wait until tomorrow!

Until then please enjoy my lovely face...
Oh, sorry!  I didn't mean to scare you...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Move It Monday's where it's at...

I have one brief confession before I begin...

I am so going to a buffet tonight.  And I am so going to stuff my fat little face with yummy food.  What?  Yeah, I know this totally goes against the plan.  Psssshhhh, yeah, ok, I'll try to eat only foods that are ok'ed for my diet.  What?  What? It's my birthday Wednesday, let me live a little!  Geesh!

Ok, here's another confession: something is wrong with my camera.  It's being...bad.  (Because that's the only nice, appropriate adjective I can think of...)  Or maybe it's the computer I'm working on...  This thing doesn't have an SD slot, so I'm stuck hooking her up via USB.  So, I've hooked up the camera, right?  Then I turn the power on.  Ok.  The camera/computer makes a noise that some new hardware is connected... then a menu is supposed to pop up so I can pull pictures from the camera.  Where is my pop-up?!? Oh, sure, it appears after I turn the camera off.  And, then if I go into My Computer and try to get pictures that way, it just tells me the camera is in use.


So, anyhow, this ruins the post I had planned.  I was gonna introduce you to the FABULOUS Mayan Chicken Harvest Rice Bowl from Au Bon Pain.  Say it with me: OH.  MY.  GOSH... this was good.  Maybe tomorrow?

Well, so on to the introductions.  Today is the first ever Move It Monday.  This is where I post, for all to see, my workout plan for the coming week.  This week is really slow and easy.  Please don't judge?  I haven't been very active lately, and I'm really just a novice, basically, I look pathetic.  Ok?

Sunday - Sunday stunk.  I felt pretty bad all day (headache, dizzy, really tired) so I stayed in bed all day.  And ate just about all the leftovers in my house.  Including cake, half a chicken parmesan sub, and broccoli, mac & cheese.  Not my proudest moments.

Monday -  Since I'm going out to eat tonight I'm gonna switch it up this week.  So technically today is my Trashy Tuesday, when I get to eat what I want, without exercise, and not feel guilty about it.  (but we all know I will anyways, so...yeah.)

Tuesday -  Jog/Walk 10/2/10 (that's 10 minute jog, 2 minute walk, 10 minute jog)

Wednesday - 10/2/10, 2x25situps, 2x10pushups

Thursday - 10/2/10, Nancy Marmot ab video

Friday -  Break day, 2x25situps, 2x10pushups

Saturday -  46 Minute Jog/Walk (10/2 minute intervals)

What do you think?  I was going to give myself a choice Saturday and possibly take a bike ride, but I'm going grocery shopping that day so that would be way too long.  (I don't currently drive, so I get to hoof it to the store.  Wait!  That's exercise, right?!)

Are any of your errands within walking distance?

Here I Come...

This is week a transition-week of sorts.  I'm transitioning to a new diet.  And by diet, I mean that in the most literal sense of the word.  This is not temporary, this is my new lifestyle.  Of sorts.  I get to deviate every once in awhile.

I've studied (and been a part of) a few diets: Atkins -- I participated for a few months, before demolishing a loaf of bread -- Vegetarian and Vegan -- again, a few months.  But I sure missed my chicken...and ice get the picture; I've pondered joining Nutrisystem; I've studied the Mediterranean diet, the Paleo diet, being Gluten-free and Sugar-free... Let's just admit that I have a serious problem with my weight and dieting, shall we?

I've come to conclusion that out of all the "diets" I've encountered the Mediterranean diet seems to make the most sense to me.  Plus, women around the Mediterranean have fabulous bodies, so how can I go wrong?  Ok, enough about my underlying motives, and on to the real stuff.

The Mediterranean diet is just that, it is centered around the different foods that peoples of the Mediterranean eat, and have eaten for centuries (millenia?).  My diet will be composed of fruits & vegetables, legumes, nuts & seeds; of predominantly fish, and some meat, poultry, and eggs thrown in there sparingly; of dairy, glorious dairy; and get this: wine.  Yes, I am allotted one glass of wine per day.  Why?  Because it contributes to heart-health.  So take that!

This makes sense to me logically.  Afterall, the Greeks -- especially the Spartans, have you seen those guys -- Romans (maybe a bad example, considering they invented the term "glutton", but ok...), Turks, Spaniards, Portugeuse... alot of folks have been thriving on this diet for hundreds to thousands of years.  And they're healthy.  Awesomely healthy!  Sure, the Paleo diet makes alot of sense, but we were also living in caves, and had to forage/hunt/fish ALL day EVERY day to gather those foods that we lived on.  I don't know about you, but I sit in front of a computer 8 hours of the day, and my refridgerator hasn't run away from me yet, so my activity level and metabolism just aren't up to that kind of diet.  Not to mention I just can't quit you, Cheese!

The Mediterranean diet also teaches us to sit down, and enjoy our food.  To eat with friends and loved ones, to hold a conversation.  To be social.  This feeds us mentally, emotionaly, and spiritually, thus further nurturing our bodies in the right ways.  When I first began this blog I was sitting down every night with my fiance and our roommate for dinner.  Well, that's gotten away from us in the past few months as we've gotten busier, and our house has gotten more cluttered (thanks for bringing all that stuff in, Babe!).  No way this is gonna stand anymore!  And it hasn't.  Since Friday we've sat down to dinner together.  Every.  Night.  And it's gonna stay this way.  Damnit!

Oh, and it's also quite possible that I'll be modifying this diet further to eliminate Gluten from my diet.  And trust me that's a HUGE step for me.  So, no promises, ok?

This week won't be perfect.  No, it'll be a step in the right direction, but I won't be able to get to the grocery store until this coming weekend, so I'll have to make do.  Now, if I could just talk myself out of going to the Malaysian restaurant and hitting the salad bar instead.........

What would you call your "diet"?  Are you a vegetarian, a meatatarian, a flexitarian?  Have you  participated in Weight Watchers, the Atkins diet, or another (possibly extreme) diet?

Friday, August 5, 2011

If We're Being Honest...

Ok, it's time to be frank.  I can't believe I'm about to say this.  To put all my bidness out there.  Oh snap!  She's going there!

So....... over the course of the past year, due to some, um, things in my life I have gained... dun dun dun... 30 pounds.  30 pounds.  Did you get that?  30.  Pounds.  Thirty pounds!!!

And now?  I'm just not so comfortable in my own skin anymore.  Or my clothes, for that matter.  Oh yes, it's time to get on with the fitness and out with the nasty, junky foods.  And the stress.  And the laziness.  The unhappin-- no, that one's a lie.  I've been quite happy.  Lots of happy things have happened.

Maybe, perhaps I'm hoping that by blasting myself via teh internets it'll be motivation more motivation to get off my sorry, lazy ass and get back into shape!  And so, hence the new daily spotlight blogs beginning next week.  I've got my first Move It Monday post due, well, Monday.  Wish me luck?  And please feel free to weigh in with yo' stuff in the comments.  Oh, and make sure to tune in Monday for my first ever Move It Monday! 

Anyone need a motivational buddy?!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home at last

I've decided it's been far too long since my last post.  I feel bad.  Life has gotten pretty crazy, and somewhere along the way, in the hectic mess that is my life... I lost you.  But here we are again, like old friends, speaking as if no time has past at all.

Right? Well, same to you!

I'm going to try to have more direction and organization here.  Hopefully that will make it easier, and maybe a little more urgent that I make my daily posts.  So, beginning next week I will be introducing a few new sections:

Move It Monday
This will be where I post my workout plan for the week and discuss AT LEAST 5 new workout tools (new exercises, new videos, new gadgets, etc...) that I will use to grow my fitness regime.  (How very militant of me!)

Trashy Tuesday
This is my free day.  I won't be working out today, and I get to EAT WHAT I WANT.  In moderation, of course.  Everything in moderation.  (If only you could see my face right now.....)  And I will capture every glorious moment.  Every cupcake.  Every Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.  My outer inner fat-kid child is getting hungry just thinking about it!

What Grinds My Gears Wednesday
Hey, Family Guy!  This is where my mental health and sanity come into play.  I get to complain on this day.  But then I have to find AT LEAST 5 things that are making me happy at the moment, or that bring me some semblance of peace in my times of chaos.  You can join in, too!

Tempting Thursday
All about food.  Well, ok, this whole blog is about food.  But, seriously, I will post one recipe (with results) that I have tried the past week.

Forget-Me-Not Friday
It's Friday!  I think today I will suggestions?

Saturdays and Sundays will be free days.  I will post about my workouts, food, and fun adventures with my sweetie, and our [evil] pups.

Until then, why don't you go check out my current favorite blog!

What inspires you to keep pursuing your hobbies?