Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For the horses...

I had some early fodder for a What Grinds My Gears Wednesday post...accept now I can't remember what I was bitching about earlier.  D'oh well.

Anyhoo, you may be wondering what happened to Move It Monday, yesterday.  To be honest, nothing.  I just didn't plan anything for this week.  I've got enough housework and laundry to do to fill all my free time (and act as my activity for this week) so Move It Monday will have to wait until next week.  Well...maybe.  o.O

I've pretty much gotten into my food groove for this week, so I'm not too bothered or worried about today's Trashy Tuesday.  I feel pretty confident I've got a handle on this.  I got 'dis!  Hopefully, the worst I do today is eat another Nutty Buddy.  Can I help it if those things are a d d i c t i v e ?

To start my day out today I've got some Liberte yogurt, and some knock off brand of veggie chips from my local Aldi.

Just kidding!  That's my Oikos from yesterday.  Just thought I'd share!
Mmmmm, black cherry... tasted. so. good.

I am loving this Mediterranean style yogurt.

But don't let those chips fool you!
You can't tell in that photo, but they're different colors.  Like, to make them look kinda like Terra Chips.  But they're not.  They're a lie.  I totally got duped on this one, thinking that if something is called a veggie chip, then it should be made out of vegetables.  Apparently, this company did not get the same memo as me, because it's potatoes made to look like veggies with some kinda coloring.

Are you good about reading the ingredients in an item before purchase, or are you sad, sorry, and pathetic like me and just pick up whatever only to be thoroughly disappointed when you get home?

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