Friday, August 5, 2011

If We're Being Honest...

Ok, it's time to be frank.  I can't believe I'm about to say this.  To put all my bidness out there.  Oh snap!  She's going there!

So....... over the course of the past year, due to some, um, things in my life I have gained... dun dun dun... 30 pounds.  30 pounds.  Did you get that?  30.  Pounds.  Thirty pounds!!!

And now?  I'm just not so comfortable in my own skin anymore.  Or my clothes, for that matter.  Oh yes, it's time to get on with the fitness and out with the nasty, junky foods.  And the stress.  And the laziness.  The unhappin-- no, that one's a lie.  I've been quite happy.  Lots of happy things have happened.

Maybe, perhaps I'm hoping that by blasting myself via teh internets it'll be motivation more motivation to get off my sorry, lazy ass and get back into shape!  And so, hence the new daily spotlight blogs beginning next week.  I've got my first Move It Monday post due, well, Monday.  Wish me luck?  And please feel free to weigh in with yo' stuff in the comments.  Oh, and make sure to tune in Monday for my first ever Move It Monday! 

Anyone need a motivational buddy?!

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