Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let the Queen reign!

My mom brought Raja over to visit.  I loved it; Zanders had no idea what to do.  And she tortured the crap outta him.  Hah!  That'll teach you to eat my shoes, you little jerk!

Both Raja and Zanders (and Zanders' brother, George, our other demon-child-dog) are 7 months old.  Zanders is roughly a week or so older.  But since he's an annoying little yappy Shitpoo and not a real dog, he is also roughly the size of Raja's head.  Because Raja is an English Mastiff.  A giant.  A half-grown, 70-pound, clumsy, lovable oaf who steals things from the countertop, and who is fiercely loyal to my 2-year old niece.  *Sigh* I wish she was mine.  Instead I'm stuck with those other two.

I did get a short video of Raja terrorizing Zanders while he hid under the table them playing together, but this is also the day my kitchen ceiling caved in (a little) from our suck-ass plumbing and I had a pool in my kitchen.  So you don't get to see it, 'k?

I have lots to update, all in good time, my friends, so stay tuned and have a wonderful Humpday!!

Do you have any pets?  What are yours like -- more specifically: do they eat your shoes?