Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Monday...Recap

Oh, boy!  Was Monday fun.  At least the part where I got to stuff my face with a helluva buncha different foods.  We're buffet a lot so we went to the Golden Corral at Arundel Mills Mall for dinner.  I know, very redneck.  I can admit that, and I'm ok with it.  I'm also bipolar, so maybe, perhaps you see that I don't have so much shame.

Take this, for instance.  *In very damnlol fashion* 


Accept very pale and with not an ounce of Native American blood in me.  Not to worry; Chuck has somewhere near, like, 1/4 Native American blood.  So he makes up for it. 

And please do not pay any attention to the dorm-room decor in the background.  I let the hubs decorate.  Except the painting on the wall.  That choice was all me.  I'll have to remember to snap a photo of it for ya'. 

Yes, that lamp is missing its shade.  I know I need to get a new one.

Anyway...back to the buffet.  I pondered taking pictures, and asked Chuck if it would be weird, but eventually settled on just inhaling eating my food and not creeping out the other patrons. 

I do have pictures of that Au Bon Pain Mayan Chicken Harvest Rice Bowl I had me the other day!  Can we say nom nom nom?  (side note: it has it's side effects.  I became well-acquainted with the bathroom at dinner because this caught up with me........... tmi?)

That's white rice (because I'm ricist...har dee har har?) as I wasn't in the mood for brown rice, along with some chipotle-covered chicken breast, topped with mixed greens, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, and carrots.  I'm proud to say it took my fat rear end two days to finish this, and not just the customary 1.

So where were we? Ohhhh, right.  The buffet.  I ate everything!  Nah, just kidding.  I did have...three plates, though.  Don't judge me?  Not to worry, dahling, these were normal-sized dinner plates, not those ginormous ones that most people *ahem* seem to buy nowadays...

My first plate: I filled half that baby with some fresh baby spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower.  I also had a fried chicken thigh (because I'm a fat kid, people!), and grabbed two small pieces of breaded fish that I believe was cod, which I didn't finish because the breading tasted weird.  I think I'll stick with that ohohohmygosh breaded (and fried!) catfish from Whole Foods. 

Not too bad, if I do say so myself.  Hey, I did have two salads that day, if we're being technical.

My second plate: A slice of pizza.  Which sucked.  A buttery, homemade (let me pretend!) yeast roll, and some popcorn shrimp.  Now that I'm thinking about it, this was a rather small plate.  Apparently there wasn't much variety Monday.
My third plate: Pan seared (itty bitty) shrimp and steamed vegetables drizzled with scampi sauce.  They have a custom order steak and seafood bar that serves, well, steak, shrimp, tilapia, and scallops with the customary steak sauce, scampi sauce, lemon piccata, or spicy alfredo sauce.

For dessert I had some vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and a little bit of hot fudge.  I'm not a big fan of hot fudge.

I figure this was only entire day's worth of calories eaten in one sitting.  See maybe why I have weight issues?  Aaand maybe why I've gained so much weight the past year?  Nahh, it's not the buffet's fault; I could scarf down an entire buffet before I gained the weight.  My lame excuses are being stressed, over-worked, and wayyyyyy too happy and comfortable in my relationship.  I work way more than I did a year ago, so I don't have nearly any as much time as I used to.  And, like I said, you know the old saying about relationships (maybe?): once people've settled in a relationship they kinda start to let themselves go?  That saying is definitely something along those lines.  Maybe we've been having too much fun??  (or maybe I've just gotten really lazy?)

So after dinner we strolled through the mall, and I was unconstitutionally DENIED my right to spend 30-40 minutes in each store!  It was a travesty! 

Ok...I'm just kidding.

I did get these purdy pictures...

I love sunsets.

Are there any types of food - spicy, sweet, dairy-y - that have a weird affect on your body?  What one meal from any one restaurant (or homemade, I don't care) could you eat everday for the rest of your life?
Obviously some spicy foods 'go right through me'; and dairy has been giving me a slight stomach ache the past few weeks.  But I do eat a lot of ice cream so don't pay attention to me!

Meal?  Fo'geddaboudit!  I've always said I could survive on bread and cheese if I had to, and I totally stand by that claim.  As long as it isn't American/processed cheese, or blue or gorgonzola.  Because that's just nasty

Oh!  I don't like Swiss, either.  So no American/processed cheese, blue or gorgonzola cheese, or Swiss.  Got that?

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