Monday, April 16, 2012

Interstellar Overdrive

Hiiiiii there, remember me?  Oh.  No?  We used to be friends?

I'm back; I couldn't stay away.  I need you guys to help me stay on track.  And I especially need someone to brag to when I think I've done a good job.  You know.  Or to laugh and make fun of myself with someone when I feel like hanging my head in shame.

This would be one of those days, I guess.  It started out well, kind of.  I planned to take a short run this morning, which totally didn't happen.  Boo.  So instead I woke up at 5:15, took care of feeding our, now 5 dogs, 1 cat, and 5 temporarily-residing-in-my-house puppies, made the allotted cancer-sticks for Chuck and myself, and got breakfast all made.  (Sidenote: My mornings are so stressful at the moment, and my evenings so.....I don't know the word for it...that I can't seem to pry myself out of bed before 5:00 anymore.  Which has to stop.  I have too much to do, and I work better in the mornings)

Anyhoo, the (early) morning went well, and I even got to the train station with just enough time to buy my weekly ticket and hit the platroom.  Success.  Right?  Because for that man to get me to the station on time, that's  (We won't get into the fact that he's been 30 mins late picking me up because he 'took a nap', and then the time I had to take. a. $40. cab. last. week. because. he. was. asleep. and. forgot. me.)  But I love him and you shouldn't think bad thoughts about him.

Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Where was I going with this thing?  Not honey-bashing, right?  Oh yeah, the diet + exercise thing.  Back to that.

So my bright, cheery self made it down to the gym for my planned workout 'round about 11:00.  I was happy and excited to be on this wonderful path of self-betterment.  Right.  So first thing is first, and first thing is the treadmill.  I had a nice 21 minute interval set planned, with a few minutes for warm up and cool down that would put me right around 25-27 minutes.  Only after 10 minutes (10 MINUTES!!) I accidentally hit 'Stop'.  And instead of just reprogramming my lovely jog/run back into the computer...I said 'screw it' and moved on to the weights!

People.  I have got to stop that.  Would anyone like to berate and belittle me daily at the gym...for free?  (You'd simply get the satisfaction of hurting my feelings.....)

How do you keep yourself motivated to do cardio?  I could take it or leave it (unless I'm tricked into thinking it's some kind of 'fun' activity).

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