Friday, May 6, 2011

May the Force be With...Me?

I am not having such a good time with this whole lifestyle and diet change-thing.  Well, in fact, I am not having such a good time with this whole life-thing at all.

[I feel like ^this^.  It isn't very attractive.]

Everything just seems to be going... wrong.  Or, perhaps a better explanation would be that things - nothing, actually - seems to be going to plan or at all favorably.  Things suck. 

I've got financial woes out the ass so even though I do fairly well in the salary arena, I never seem to come out ahead.  (Actually, more often than not I come out faaaaaar behind...still)  And, never one to be unsupportive of the sweetheart, I also deal with his stressors.  Afterall, he and I are going to be a we, so his problems are my problems, too.  Add to all this the 19 year old we invited to be our roommate... when did I have a kid?  I don't remember giving birth, but apparently I am now a crazed lunatic who is becoming her parents way too fast proud mother.

And I know... I know it will get better with time.  Be patient, be optimistic, and never give up, those are the virtues I have to which I must cling.  Although, ya know, sometimes I would much rather just give in to the nut job inside me ( if I don't already...); things would all be so much easier then.  It was Teddy Roosevelt an African proverb that said "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far" -- I like big sticks, and I like how those Africans rolled. 

Well, on a brighter note...or maybe just on a note that cheers me up ever so slightly, Katie over at Making this Home posted this today.  I had to smile.  If you don't then I guess you just don't have a soul........  I kid, I kid.

How do you handle stressful times in your life?  What do you use as inspiration to keep you motivated?

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