Friday, April 29, 2011

Fit for Royalty

Who was up at 3:00am this morning to watch the Royal Wedding?!?  Not I.  I looked over all the pictures and articles on E!Online this morning.  Beautiful dress, Sarah Burton, you sly dog!  And Harry-- oh, boy! did he look mighty fine in all his regalia.  I've never been a big fan of the princes, but I sure am coming around.  (btw, please, please get rid of Chelsy Davy...)

Anyhoo, congrats to the wonderful, seemingly undeniably in-love pair!  Here's to a great future for William and Kate!

So, in more boring personal news, I've had just about the worst week dealing with allergies, and all around general sickness/illness.  I got a migraine (with aura, if you've ever heard of it) last night, and ended up calling my mom to inquire as to the symptoms of stroke.  Now, I've gotten these horrible migraines in the past, complete with persistent sun-spot-like visual impairment, and speech-slurring.  So, I knew, or should have known that I was not having a stroke.  But I think I wanted some attention.  Here's hoping the weekend proves more relaxing and less stress-filled!

Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

Do you still call your mom (or dad) when you're sick?

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