Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Buffets are bad.  Not so much in the sense that the food is bad -- though, some of it, to be sure, is bad.  Yet, at the same time it's so hard (for me, at least?) to resist sampling all the different fare offered.  I'll admit, my sweetie and I have a little problem with buffets.  We're addicted.

I was pleasantly surprised last night though, when we stopped in a buffet that I had never been to before.  The seafood array was impressive: grilled salmon, steamed shrimp, flounder, even octopus and oysters.  To be honest, there were some other, not so healthy dishes, such as Maryland crab cakes (nom nom nom), fried shrimp, and stuffed crabs; but I loved every minute of it.  My only comment: coulda had more veggies.  Just saying.  I love my veggies, and, besides the lack of a frozen yogurt machine -- because, come on, all buffets are supposed to have an ice cream or frozen yogurt machine -- I think this was the only disappointment of the whole affair.

You may be thinking, "they went to a buffet...for their anniversary?"  The answer is yes.  Now, if you'll take some time out from cringing over all the greasy food-possibilities running through you mind, let me explain.  When we met we were both always pretty low on cash; buffets were, at the time, our only option if we wanted to go out and get a semi quality meal at any affordable price.  Since, then, though, we've just found that the time we spend eating (plate after plate) gives us a great chance to talk and reconnect; to see what's going on in each other's life.  To focus on us.

So, yes, I still feel felt like a stuffed pig.  Yes, buffets are bad, especially if you're trying to eat and live healthier.  But for us, it's ok; for us buffets are just so darn good.

How do you reconnect with friends and family in this fast-paced, ever-stressful world?

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  1. I actually love buffets!! Theres one in town that has a huge salad bar and tons of healthy options, even sushi! Plus, they let you eat there and then carry out...so you kinda get two meals for one. And for a college kid, that's awesome. ;)