Monday, April 4, 2011

A Mess of Mayonnaise

I had such great plans for this morning: wake up at 4:30 to sneak in a quick workout and straighten my hair, and then to make breakfast and lunches for me and the sweetie.

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And then 5:30 came and I was just rolling out of bed.  I attempted to straighten my hair, for all of five minutes, when I decided that I just was not going to have time to get that and everything else accomplished.  So I threw my hair back in a half-pony, painted my face with some makeup, and headed downstairs for breakfast.  Boy!  Did that ever turn out fun.

I went through 3 pans until I finally found one that cooked pancakes properly without turning off (the skillet), or burning them (the little black aluminum frying pan).  Got the eggs scrambled just fine, albeit without milk because I forgot to mix it in; and had water boiling for coffee to feed my sweetie and our roommate.  I think, off of my plate, I ate maybe 3 bites, finishing off my eggs and a portion of my pancakes.  I'm kinda missing those pancakes right now, though.  I bet they were good!

So then I had to rush around and grab lunchmeat and bread and mayonnaise and mustard out of the fridge for sandwiches for the sweetie.  Threw all that together and added some snacks to the mix with just this much time left to spare.  Oh no!  I didn't make anything for me to eat for lunch.

And that is how I ended up with 2 oranges, a Go-Gurt (I have never eaten one of those things before...and, um, they're not that great), a hot dog--yes, just one--and 3 slices of bread.  Yep, I finished off the rest of the bread; I didn't eat all 3 slices, but I didn't have time to open the bag and grab a slice out before we had to rush out the door to get me to the bus stop.  Not to mention by that time I was freaking out because I had probably 5-7 minutes to get to the bus stop!!

Lucky for me my sweetie was kind enough to take me to the stop before he even sat down to eat.  By the way, wish us luck-- it's our 2-year Anniversary!

Ok, so the whole Mess of Mayonnaise thing.  Well, turns out, my sweetie hasn't liked mayonnaise on his sandwich...all these past times he's asked me to make them for him.  But, seriously, he threatened to throw out the jar of mayonnaise I just bought all because he was in a bad mood.  Seriously?  Now, I know I get upset over the absolute some of the dumbest, most trivial things... but mayonnaise?

It was quite an interesting conversation on the phone for a while there, trust me.  It is our Anniversary, the conversation naturally went from
"Well I guess I know what I'll have to do.  I'll just throw the mayonnaise away when I get home.  And if  I ever see another thing of mayonnaise in that refrigerator again I'll throw it away, too."
"Hah!  No you won't.  You had better not throw it away.  That wouldn't be fair"  <--I don't even like mayonnaise, but our roomate does, so to be fair to her we are not getting rid of it!
"Happy Anniversary, baby.  So what do you want to do tonight?"
*Sigh*  Men.

What would be your ideal Anniversary date?

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