Saturday, May 28, 2011

Set the Rain on Fire

*Sigh* I love Adele.  Don't you?

I have decided today will be a Hippie Dippie Day.  Yes, a Hippie Dippie Day.  I just jumped out of the shower, and threw on some shorts and a black tee, and then all the sudden I just wanted to wear my hemp shirt.  At least, I think it's hemp.  Either way, it's the look.  So I'm sitting here looking like the perfect Beachbunny-Hippie, will crazy, wet, wavy hair, and no makeup.  Such a shame my hair won't cooperate anymore once it's dry...

Today I'm also working on cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, and getting some clothes put away; and I'm also trying out a Half-Meatloaf recipe.  I'll let you know how that goes a little later on, and I'll post some pics!  (Of the Hippie Dippie look, too. I promise!)

What clothes do you feel the most relaxed wearing?

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