Thursday, May 12, 2011

...I Like Grocery Stores

For as long as I can remember my favorite past time has shopping.  No, really.  Case in point, I'm sitting here writing up a grocery list for my honey to take to the store...and I can't be more excited.  I'm walking down the aisles in my head.  Once I am finished, I will spend the next hour going back over the list in my head, and calling him every time I realize I have forgotten something.

[Oh, a Shoppin' we will go...]

His response will most likely be that, according to my list, he should pick up one of each fruit, one of each vegetable, one of each bread selection, and everything in between.  Which is so not true.  --we don't need onions or garlic because we already have a few of each.

I'm excited for this weekend, though.  I'm thinking: cookout.  I'm thinking classic/traditional as fattening as you can get cookout.  We just have to pick up my camping grill from my parents house, and a solution for the dogs so they can stay outside with us (without sneaking away to explore!!).  The meal I'm planning looks something like this:
Meat Product
(haven't decided what protein to cook, yet)
Potato Salad
Quinoa Salad (perhaps)
Grilled Squash
Grilled Peppers
Fruit salad, plain fruit to snack on, or parfaits
(watermelon, grapes, strawberries, apples, oranges, 'nanners)
Veggies to snack on
...and most likely chips and dip/salsa and/or cheese and crackers

Talk about a feast...for 3 people.  Maybe we'll invite some friends over...

What do you remember the most about summer cookouts?  What are/were the staples at your family cookouts?
I remember that my family finally took the time to slow down and enjoy a meal together!  We stuck to the basics: we always had hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn, but everything else varied depending on our moods (and the items in our kitchen).

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