Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hmmm: A Challenge

I'm having a love affair with the song Heartbeats.  Now I had heard The Knife's (original) version of the song in passing, but I think the lyrics really hit me when I heard Jose Gonzalez' version slow it down--alot.

[That's The Knife]

[and that is Jose Gonzalez]

Both the original and Gonzalez' mix are fabulous, but they make me feel differently.  The song captures perfectly a moment in Vigi Mathers' new project Infernal Legacy...but the problem is I just can't decide which version it is that evokes the right emotions/feelings for me.  How can one song, with one set of lyrics produce such different, far-ranging emotions?

This got me to thinking.  Perhaps you can help.  I think we'll even make a little contest out of this one.
1. Listen to each version of the song Heartbeats.  The KnifeJose Gonzalez.
2. How does each version make you feel?  Write down a list of feelings, emotions, adjectives, whatever comes to mind while you're hearing each version of the song. (Post in the comments below)
 3. Shoot!  If you want, write your own short story or poem based on your interpretation of the song, its music, and its lyrics.  Then e-mail 'em to me and I'll compile a nice page with all the submissions for your viewing pleasure.  Who knows?  Perhaps this could become a thing.

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