Friday, May 13, 2011

What?!??? Sun Shinin' on my Weekend...I hope

My blog from yesterday has mysteriously disappeared-- removed by Blogspot due to some errors they have been having.  And apparently it's not coming back.


Well, let's see if I can sum this up, then, shall we?  I do believe it was a fabulous post on my love of grocery stores and grocery shopping.  (Yes, I am a huge dork!)  And then my awesome plans for a cookout/picnic this weekend for me, my honey, and our roomate.  I can't 100% remember the menu I had planned, and, well, I didn't pick everything up that was on the list during our trip to the store last night (yaaaaay, store!), so I'll have to revise it a little.  But then, if you haven't seen it anyways, is it still revising?  Oh, well, here's the menu:
~ Hamburgers & Hotdogs or Kielbasa
~ Macaroni Salad
~ Potato Salad (for me, because I'm selfish...and the sweetie doesn't like it anyhow)
~ Quinoa Salad (with green peppers, onion, and tomato)
~ Grilled Zucchini and Banana Squash (OMG! I love squash!)
~ *Probably* Baked French Fries with gravy for dippin'
~ Veggies to snack on (cucumbers, carrots...oh no! I forgot the broccoli!)
~ Cut fruit to snack on (we got watermelon, oranges, strawberries, apples, nanners', mango, and grapes!)
~ Chips and salsa

Oh, Hellooooooo, weekend!

Another plus this Saturday: the honey's son and daughter will be coming over, so I'm excited for that!  We're planning on taking them to a picnic hosted by the honey's mother's company.  Unfortunately it's supposed to rain tomorrow, and we're not sure if the shindig is a rain or shine thing, so we may end up all hanging out at home.  In which case I should probably have a backup plan for food and fun.  Got to get working on that! 

Wish me luck, and I hope you have just as great a weekend as I plan to have!

What are your favorite rainy day activities?

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