Monday, September 30, 2013

And We Danced

...Toby and I, that is. I recently introduced my one year-old nephew to Fraggle Rock. And let me tell you. Boy does that kid ever love to boogie down and wiggle. And the opening theme song set him off. So now, anytime he's upset I'll start to sing that song and we'll shake our stuff. And then there's no more being upset. Or when it's time for nap-nap...boom.  Fraggle Rock.  I've got that kid figured out; he's so wrapped around my little finger [and most definitely not the other way 'roudn ;)].

Anyway, moving on.

I'm happy to say that I feel a little less bloated this week, and a pair of dress/work trousers that were awful tight last week are slightly looser this week.  Progress.  But, funny thing: I haven't changed my diet yet.  I've tried.  And failed.

I wrote out a two week meal plan, and came up with a shopping list (making sure to sneak in some stuff for the sweetie, who isn't cutting down on his intake of carbs or processed food...because he's a butt)...and then some not-so-wonderful/I-was-upset thing happened.  A hold was placed on all funds going into my bank account...until Wednesday.  Which sucks.  I have $200 until Wednesday.  Well, we have $200 until Wednesday.  Did I mention that this sucks?

No grocery shopping.  No pet shopping (my poor, sweet animals need shampoo and conditioner!).  No fun; no family outings to eat a ton of pizza in farewell.  Just enough for our respective commutes and other necessities.

So I'm still eating a large load of carbs.  Boooooooo.

But I'm optimistic and looking forward to Wednesday.

What is your favorite childhood cartoon or television show?  What was it about this show that drew you in; that made you fall in love?  Would you, could you, do you still tune in to see your favorite show?

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